Making crypto less cryptic.

Wondering about this “web3” thing? Not sure what an NFT is? Feeling like you’re being left behind?

Introducing The Beginners Web3 Playbook! We brought together industry experts to help you learn, grow and take up space in Web3!

Before the Web3 Playbook

  • don’t feel like this space is for you (pale, male and pretty stale!)
  • don’t know where to start & feel overwhelmed
  • know Web3 & NFTS are the future & don’t want to get left behind
  • don’t have anyone to guide you or have a safe place to ask questions

After the Web3 Playbook

  • have the practical skills to confidently navigate the space
  • apart of a supportive community that shares the same vision as you
  • become a leader shaping the future of web3
  • can land your dream Web3 job
Guest Experts
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About take up space

Created by Founders Paff Evara & Hannah Peacock.

We exist to create the next generation of diverse leaders through our intersectional education programmes, supportive community and funding.

We are focused on bringing more BIPOC & LGBTQ+ people into the web3 space. Let’s build web3 right from the start!


During this self-paced course our crypto educators will be guiding you through a curriculum designed to take you from complete beginner to Web3 Changemaker. The course will incorporate a variety of pre-recorded walk-throughs, readings, practical tasks, live webinars & Q&A’s. You will also have 24/7 support from our wonderful community in discord!  

What You Will Learn


Introduction to Crypto

In this section we will cover how crypto & blockchain technology works, the opportunity it provides and the real world barriers to entry we need to overcome. 


An Intro & Deep Dive in to Web3

Covering the new age of the web & the opportunities it provides. We will cover a brief history of the web, what Web3 is, why its important before digging in to more advanced concepts such as DeFi, DAOS and  Social Tokens…


An Intro to NFTs & Tokens

Learn about the technology behind NFTs and how they are going to change our world as we know it. We’ll be covering; What NFTs are, how they work and why they are important before looking at existing projects & creators using NFTs for good/social change.


Getting On The Blockchain Series

This practical series consists of guided walk-throughs along with reading materials to provide you with the skills & knowledge to navigate this space like a pro. Some areas we’ll cover: Setting up your wallet, sending crypto, using an exchange, using etherscan, bridging crypto, how to Do Your Own Research and much more!


Getting Involved in Web3

In this block you will learn everything you need to know to build your Web3 resume and land your dream job in this space.


Safety & Security

Everyone has heard about the prevalence of scams in the crypto space, so this is an important topic! We will cover top safety & security tips to keep you and your assets safe. We cannot stress how important this is!

Beginner Friendly

The course has been designed to be easy to understand. Whether you’re a crypto beginner or have been in the space a while, there is something for everyone. You can also get access to our discord to get support from community members just like you! We even have a ‘helping-hands’ matchmaking service in the discord, where you can request to have someone guide you through an area you need help with. 

To be apart of the most supportive community in Web3, join our Discord community below.

Skills & Knowledge

Have confidence knowing that you have both the skills and knowledge to navigate the Web3 space and hold your own in conversations.

Community Support

You will have access to our community of Changemakers who will be there to offer support and guidance. During this course you will be guided by our crypto educators as well as having the opportunity to find a mentor!

Web3 Jobs

Get insights in to current opportunities in the space. Access our job board, receive guidance for writing your resume and how to set yourself up for success.

Student Testimonials

From some of the community members that completed cohort 1!

"The Beginners Web3 Playbook from @TakeUpSpace_NFT is an excellent way of learning web3 in a simple and fun way. Today, I learned about social tokens and how important they are in cultivating communities based on equity and inclusion."
Community Builder
There's so much value in the @TakeUpSpace_NFT community. My favorite thing is the resources they have about getting wherever you want to go in web3. They also have a really active community that genuinely tries to help each other, day in and day out. 🔥
Web3 Content Creator